Friday, 28 February 2014

One Stroke BioSculpture Gels by 'Nails By Amanda'

My very lovely neighbour Amanda owns and runs an independent nails and tanning shop and since it opened, I have since been addicted to gel nails! She kindly invited me to have a full set of gels done using a new technique she had learnt called 'one stroke' which involves dipping the brush into two colours at the same time so they almost blend together.

Amanda uses the Bio Sculpture system and whilst she was doing my nails this time, I took plenty of photos for all of you to see!

First she had to remove the gels I had on previously, they lasted me a good two and half weeks and I could definitely have left them on for a further week had I not be going back to university. To remove the gels, Amanda first filed them down to remove the top coat and also to allow the gel remover through the gel. Then she soaks small pieces of cotton wool in the gel remover, places them over the nail and wraps them in foil to retain the liquid and allow the reaction to take place.  You can actually do this at home if you have pure acetone just don't do what I do as the last few times I have damaged my nails peeling them off which is a total no no! The spray Amanda is using is an anti-bacterial spray which stops the nail bed trapping nasty bugs and getting infected. All the tools she uses are fully sanitised each time.

It was then that we realised my favourite longest nail had slightly broken at the side and as I never had long natural nails this was gutting (yes, still talking about nails!). Amanda said she could fix it using the same technique as gel extensions to retain the length so she uses this foil sticker template tool thing (so technical) with a clear coat that strengthens and restores the nail to it's former glory. It then goes under the special UV lamps that dry in just 30 seconds.

To help the gels come off when they have reached their end, Amanda places a small dot of nail polish in the centre of the nail which bubbles when reacted with acetone allowing the gel to lift of with next to no damage to the natural nail.

Now the nails are fully prepped and ready for the base coat followed by the main colour; I chose a beautiful inky blue.

Now you can get gels classically simple and beautiful like they are now, or you can find a specialist like Amanda who can create the most stunning hand painted designs. I adore floral patterns and as you can see in one of the first pictures, I am wearing a blue floral top which is where we sought inspiration for this design. As you can see on the brush, both colours are painted on at once which means they are blended perfectly.

The beautiful floral design is then finished off with a clear top coat and placed again under the UV lamps.

And here they are the finished result! I could not be happier with them and receive comments daily with people not being able to believe they are hand painted and not just transfers. Going to get my nails done with Amanda is such a treat and I always go when I can. I've had my nails done in various salons before but I cannot stress enough how much better Amanda is. I find my gels last between 2-3 weeks and can in some cases last up to 4! Also you can paint over the top with polish if you like the change up your nail colour frequently which I tend to do in the third week or so. Not only is she super talented but super lovely and the 1-2 hours spent having your nails done flies by with conversation.

If you live in or around Buckinghamshire, I would seriously recommend checking out Amanda's facebook page where you can look at all her best designs.

A full set of gel overlays costs £28* which is such a great price for the quality and time they last.

I want to thank Amanda for these beautiful nails and can't wait to get more done in the future, I'm thinking glitter!

Have you had gel nails before? How much did you love having them?

See you in the next post!

L x

*This post was sponsored by Nails by Amanda


  1. I can't believe these are hand done, these are so pretty and amazing!xo

    1. Hi Libby!

      I know right?! I was like whaaaat? How is this happening?! Haha, she is super talented!!

      Thanks for your comment! I'm headed over to yours now :-)

      Lucy ♥
      lucylovehart | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Wow, how beautifulllll are these nails! They're gorgeous and so perfect for this time of year - love them.
    danielascribbles // click here to enter my MAC giveaway

  3. I am so glad you have done a post about this, I recently got the Sensationail kit given to me as a late Christmas present from the parents and I absolutely love it! I've been doing nails, everything from manicures to simple nail art since I was a kid and now I've got the kit i'm hoping to earn a little bit of money with it as i'm going to go mobile!

    Just like you I'm a massive fan of gel nails there so nice and it makes a nice change from false nails! As gel nails are very natural.

    Great post hunny!

    Jess x
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    1. Hi Jess!

      Thanks so much for your comment! I wish I could do nail art myself but I really can't! Haha just mastered painting my nails without getting the polish everywhere! I love love love gels and always get them when I can!

      Headed over to check your blog out now!

      Lucy ♥
      lucylovehart | UK Beauty Blog

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    1. Hi Natassa!

      Thanks! And thank you for the comment!

      Lucy ♥
      lucylovehart | UK Beauty Blog