Monday 21 April 2014

Illamasqua Haul

I have always admired Illamasqua for their unique brand and bold style. Their packaging stands out in a great way and I felt it time I invested! Bloggers often talk of their sculpting duo but I wanted to try some of their other products. I bought their 'Neutral' eye shadow palette, 'Beg/Bronzerella' powder blush duo and a lipstick in the shade 'Climax'.

This has very fast become one of my favourite lipsticks. The colour is gorgeously pink without being over the top and therefore wearable day to night. It's not overly pigmented like I find some lipsticks are where you have to wear lip liner underneath to avoid smudging all over the place. The shape is different to any others that I own in that it is squared at the top like Tom Ford lipsticks which I find really easy to use as it fits your cupid's bow well as well as creating a smooth outline. I love to wear this lipstick with any of my pink Maybelline Color Sensational lip glosses and would really recommend this to everyone. I will definitely be looking at getting another Illamasqua lipstick.

I wanted to get a blush and bronzer that was totally different to anything that I currently own and this duo certainly is! It took me a few tries to make these wearable as I have never worked with blushes or bronzers that are so pigmented but after some practice I can safely say that I love these! I was trying to wear them together but for a more natural look I prefer wearing them one at a time. The bronzer, as you can see in the photos, does contain a subtle shimmer under certain lights which I think is lovely. No one wants too much shimmer all over their face so this is just right. Overly done, the blusher can look awful, but done right and it looks fantastic.

I own many a neutral palette with several colours so this intrigued me with just four shades. From left to right the shades are called Stealth, Wolf, Vintage and Obsidian. Vintage has to be one of the most beautiful eye shadow shades I have ever seen. After applying my Urban Decay Eye Primer, I wash Stealth all over the lid and concentrate the colour more in the inner corner. Then I take either Wolf or Vintage and apply it with my MAC 217 brush to the outer corner and crease and blend it through. To finish off, I use an angled brush to line the outer eye with Obsidian graduating the thickness as it nears the edge. This is such a wearable look and so easy to do yet so effective. 

Overall, I am extremely impressed with my first Illamasqua products and highly recommend them to anyone looking for some quality, unique products.

I purchased these products from Debenhams to get the beauty points as I think they retail at the same if not similar price everywhere. Unfortunately, I think the Neutral eye shadow palette has sold out everywhere but I have included the link in case it becomes available again.

Neutral eye shadow palette: £34.00
Powder Blusher Duo - Beg & Bronzerella: £26.00
Lipstick - Climax: £18.50

I hope you enjoyed my first haul post!

Do you own any Illamasqua products? What do you love most about them?