Sunday 16 June 2013

Latest in Beauty - The Glamour Beauty Edit Box

Hello everyone!

As a student you never know when you may need that extra bit of money to fund a book for an assignment or someone plans a great night out that costs that bit more so it's hard to budget sometimes for things you don't necessarily need but really really want i.e. beauty products! I have always wanted one of those beauty box subscriptions where you pay monthly but I never knew if I'd be able to pay it each month. Enter the Latest in Beauty collection boxes.  I found out about this website from someone else's blog who was writing about their disappointing 'Glossy Box' and a follower had commented about Latest in Beauty so I went to check it out.

Basically their collection boxes are a one off purchase and vary in price depending on the box you want because there are many on the go at once.  They have a list of all the items in the box and, unlike what I hear the subscription boxes do, they send you everything in the box so you won't have something different to someone else.  To me, this is a much fairer and less stressful way of ensuring you get what you want in your box.

So you choose if you want the box at that time, choose if you want to buy a cheaper one or splash out on a slightly pricier one or just totally avoid it because you wouldn't use any of the stuff.  This to me makes so much sense!

Price wise I think the subscription box services are roughly £12-14 and the box I have cost £14.95 which is a little pricier but you get better products, more stuff and no subscription.  Also there are cheaper ones available.

Anyway, so that was a kind of long description of the boxes but hopefully it made some sense to someone!  Onto what I got in my Glamour Beauty Edit Box...

I am super excited because very soon I will be posting in detail about all these products so watch out for that one!

You can buy this box for £14.95 (delivered) by clicking here.

I hope this post has helped those who didn't previously know what bloggers were on about when they talk about their 'Glossy boxes' or 'Birch boxes'.

See you in the next post!

L x

Saturday 15 June 2013

L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Nail Polish

Hello everyone!

I was looking in London on a shopping trip for that perfect beige/mushroom nail polish and came across this L'Oréal Paris Color Riche one in 104 - Beige Countess and it doesn't disappoint!  The nails in the photographs are my sister, Melissa's, who kindly let me use her as my hand model because she has much nicer nails than I!

Anyway, the colour is fantastic! I love it so much and this is actually my second bottle as I used the other one up so quickly!  The best thing is, is that it goes with absolutely everything so you can wear it all week without worrying about it clashing with your clothes.  It also will last all week providing you're treating them well!

I love that the brush isn't too wide that you can't use it for smaller nails but not too thin that it's hard to get good coverage.  It was of perfect width for me.

However, what I dislike about this nail polish is that it takes 3 thin coats to achieve the correct colour but it does dry reasonably quickly between coats if you apply it thinly and evenly.  I also don't like that after purchasing it is very fluid and therefore can be tricky to apply at first but then it turns very thick after a month or two making it even worse to use.

Overall, I love the colour and don't find it too bad to apply.  It's very easy to paint them due to the brush you just have to watch out for the consistency.  I will definitely be buying this again when it runs out and will definitely be browsing their other colours!

You can buy this nail polish from Boots for £4.99 by clicking here.

See you in the next post!

L x

Thursday 13 June 2013

ghd Air

Hello everyone!

So here's the post I thought I would have posted yesterday if it had been ready but it wasn't. But (yay) now it is...

I asked for a new hairdryer for my 18th expecting a standard 'does the job' hairdryer but my lovely parents got me a ghd air one as a surprise!  Now I have it, I have no idea how I would live without it!

So it used to take me a good 45 mins to an hour to dry my air with a 'normal' hairdryer but I can now dry it between 10 and 20 mins because ghd air is more powerful with a 2100W motor and incredibly also much quieter than a salon hairdryer with the same power. I have naturally very frizzy hair which was usually made worse by blow drying but this actually makes it far better!

It comes in a lovely box with the usual black and gold design of other ghd products and comes with two concentrated nozzles to choose from.  The difference is that one nozzle is thinner than the other.  I personally use the wider nozzle.  It also has a 3 metre long wire making it so much more practical if your bedroom mirror is far from your nearest socket.

One of my favourite features is the cold shot button on the opposite side of the power and heat buttons.  This is fantastic for setting your hair in place and means that often when you blow dry you don't need to straighten it too!  Less heat = better for the hair and you're saving the planet without using the extra electricity! Everyone wins!

You also have the varied power and heat settings to tailor the hairdryer to how you like to dry your hair as well as changing the nozzles.

I have only one qualm with the ghd air and that is after 5 or 10 mins it starts to get quite heavy but it doesn't bother me too much.  However there are a lot of features that cancel out the fact it's heavy!

This hairdryer has a RRP of £99.00 but you can buy it from Amazon by clicking here for £89.00.  Obviously this is a lot more money than a standard hairdryer but it does so much more for your hair than a standard hairdryer does so in my opinion it is totally worth the money.

See you in the next post!

L x

So long Google Friend Connect! Hey there Bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hello everyone!

So as you might already know, Google are looking to remove their Friend Connect gadget to follow blogs with.

Enter Bloglovin!

You can follow me via Bloglovin using the link posted at the top of this post.

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Dolce & Gabbana - the one

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for posting yet another perfume review but I want to post at least one blog post every day and my ghd air post isn't quite ready! However you can expect the ghd air review tomorrow but for now it's another perfume.

So I received 'Dolce & Gabanna - the one', which was released in 2008, as a Christmas present from my parents in 2012 after I said I liked it out shopping with my mum.  She bought me the gift set that came in a beautiful box that had a gold lid with 'Dolce & Gabbana, the one' written across the top which I loved!  It also comes with a body lotion which I have yet to try!

As for the design of the bottle, I like the gold but I don't think the bottle is feminine enough considering that's what it is supposed to portray.  For the name and the scent I think the bottle should have been delicate and not bold.

I have the 30ml size bottle and considering I only wear it every now and then because it's my special one, it hasn't really lasted too long.  As you can see I only have about a third of the bottle left and have had it for six months.

The scent is strong and noticeable at first but does not linger long so I always feel like I'm topping up which probably relates to why it's so empty over a short period of time.

However to me it's one of my favourite ever scents! I just smell it and like melt.  It's quite a fruity scent; similar to peaches with hints of orange but also with notes of amber, vanilla and musk.  I really recommend trying this perfume.

The gift set is most often the same price as the standard 30ml bottle.  It's RRP is £41.00 but you can buy it buy clicking here from The Perfume Shop for £39.99.  It is a lot of money for an everyday scent but I think it's lovely as a special occasion scent.

See you in the next post!

L x

Tuesday 11 June 2013

The Body Shop - White Musk

Hello everyone!

So I know I did a perfume review yesterday but I discovered this eau de toilette by The Body Shop in White Musk today in my bedroom so I thought it appropriate to review today!  I was bought this eau de toilette in a mini travel set which also came with a make up bag, a miniature shampoo and conditioner and a miniature mango shower gel. 

Anyway, so as I said, it's a White Musk scent and is in a relatively plain bottle as it's a high street perfume.  I have the 30ml bottle so it's also pretty small in size so very handy for travelling.

The scent itself is advertised as a mix of musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla. Smelling it at first, well I think it smells like vodka! But leave it for a couple of minutes and it develops into a more tender smell.  It reminds me very much of the smell of a classic bar of soap so it's quite a clean smell as if you've just showered or bathed.

As for my opinion, I kind of like it but it's not something I would particularly choose for myself but I'm sure others would like it.  To me it doesn't have that kind of special perfume smell that you get from pricier, designer bottles.

However it is very highly rated on The Body Shop website so it may be worth a look at next time you're  shopping as this 30ml bottle retails at just £10.00!! So if you're on a budget it would be well worth looking at their range of fragrances as there is a large selection.

See you in the next post!

L x

Monday 10 June 2013

Ghost - Deep Night

Hello everyone!

So my first official post is a beauty one!

The perfume is by Ghost and is called Deep Night and was first released in 2001.  The bottle is shaped like a moon to well symbolise the night time which is nice and quirky and looks great on a dressing table or shelf without being over the top like a lot of perfumes are now.

I was bought this perfume for my 18th Birthday and was given the gift set where it comes with a scented body lotion.  I've yet to try the body lotion but it smells really nice so if anyone has tried it leave me a comment on what you think!

If anyone has been to an Abercrombie & Fitch store like the one they have in London with that amazing smell (that they no longer sell L), this perfume is very close to that famous scent.  I feel it has a warm, oriental, vanilla/cinnamon type scent and you don't need to wear a lot of the perfume to smell it.  Another reviewer has said it has a heart of orange, white tree and apricot notes with a base of vanilla, amber and musk notes.

I love it because it's not too overpowering but not so subtle you may as well not be wearing it.  If I wear this perfume I tend to reapply it midway through the afternoon just for that boost although reading other reviews - ladies have not found a need for the second application.

The bottle I have is 30ml and has a RRP of £25.00 but I am aware you can get the 50ml version for £26.95 on Amazon by clicking here.

Overall I would greatly recommend this perfume to anyone that likes to avoid overly sweet perfumes and prefers a stronger, warming scent.

See you in the next post!

L x


Hello everyone!

So after a few months of becoming an avid blog reader and Youtube 'video watcher', I have felt inspired to start a blog of my own!

So a little bit about me... well I am 18 as I write this and turn 19 this July on the 20th which is very exciting! One last year of being a teen!  I have just finished my first year at Bournemouth University where I am studying for a degree in International Hospitality Management.  I love all things to do with make-up, beauty, nails, accessories, fashion, magazines and the list goes on.  I am especially fond of anything glittery and my favourite flowers are orchids.

I intend for this blog to be about all things I love and anything else interesting that occurs in my life.  I hope people enjoy following my blog even if it makes just one person entertained for a few minutes that would be cool too!  I'd love to discover new blogs to follow and meet new people so I will definitely be looking at blogs of those who comment or follow!

Over the next few days, I'll be working out how to make my blog look pretty as I am new to blogger/blogspot.  If anyone has any tips I will be forever grateful!

See you in the next post!

L x