Thursday 13 June 2013

ghd Air

Hello everyone!

So here's the post I thought I would have posted yesterday if it had been ready but it wasn't. But (yay) now it is...

I asked for a new hairdryer for my 18th expecting a standard 'does the job' hairdryer but my lovely parents got me a ghd air one as a surprise!  Now I have it, I have no idea how I would live without it!

So it used to take me a good 45 mins to an hour to dry my air with a 'normal' hairdryer but I can now dry it between 10 and 20 mins because ghd air is more powerful with a 2100W motor and incredibly also much quieter than a salon hairdryer with the same power. I have naturally very frizzy hair which was usually made worse by blow drying but this actually makes it far better!

It comes in a lovely box with the usual black and gold design of other ghd products and comes with two concentrated nozzles to choose from.  The difference is that one nozzle is thinner than the other.  I personally use the wider nozzle.  It also has a 3 metre long wire making it so much more practical if your bedroom mirror is far from your nearest socket.

One of my favourite features is the cold shot button on the opposite side of the power and heat buttons.  This is fantastic for setting your hair in place and means that often when you blow dry you don't need to straighten it too!  Less heat = better for the hair and you're saving the planet without using the extra electricity! Everyone wins!

You also have the varied power and heat settings to tailor the hairdryer to how you like to dry your hair as well as changing the nozzles.

I have only one qualm with the ghd air and that is after 5 or 10 mins it starts to get quite heavy but it doesn't bother me too much.  However there are a lot of features that cancel out the fact it's heavy!

This hairdryer has a RRP of £99.00 but you can buy it from Amazon by clicking here for £89.00.  Obviously this is a lot more money than a standard hairdryer but it does so much more for your hair than a standard hairdryer does so in my opinion it is totally worth the money.

See you in the next post!

L x


  1. I didn't even know they did hairdryers haha, looks good though! xo

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