Wednesday 19 February 2014

eBay 24 Piece Pink Make-up Brush Set

Sorting through my current make up brush collection led me to realise that I had a serious shortage of brushes that I could use for blusher, bronzer and contouring. I almost purchased the Real Techniques Blush Brush but chose to first look at what eBay could offer when I stumbled upon this lovely set of 24 brushes.

I believe the eBay seller is selling these brushes in a various different styles but I chose the pink set because who doesn't love pink? Each set comes with a faux leather brush roll and in my instance it was a bright, garish, pearlescent baby pink which I can't imagine even a Barbie-crazed four year old would appreciate so that will no doubt find a hiding place in the depths of my wardrobe!

But it wasn't for the brush roll that I purchased this set but mainly for the 5 brushes photographed above. The description lists them as (from left to right in photo above): Large Fan, Powder, Round, Foundation and Blush. 

Every brush is gorgeously soft which I would compare to that of the EcoTools brushes. However unlike the EcoTools that are synthetic and 100% cruelty free, these brushes use goat hair which with no claim to being cruelty free most likely suggests they are far from. If I had read this on the eBay page before purchasing I would have definitely taken this into consideration before deciding whether to purchase. However, with that being my only negative, albeit a large one, I cannot find much more fault that wouldn't be expected when bought.

Little glue drips, a few stray bristles and a slight colour difference from brush to brush will not affect use so I can personally overlook these issues.

The handles and ferrules (metal) are of reasonable quality and made of wood and aluminium respectively. The white bristles with pink tips was a big selling point to me as they look amazing and are also very similar to the Topshop eye brushes which I own and love.

There is a large selection of eyeshadow brushes but unfortunately there are none for blending which was a little disappointing to find. But if you love flat brushes to pack the shadow on, this set is perfect for you.

In particular, I love the Large Fan and the (Angled) Blush which I will talk about further...

I'm not entirely sure what these fan brushes are designed to be used for but I really love them! If not for use, they look great on a dressing table. Although mine unfortunately arrived a little misshapen (I'm sure a good wash and reshape will do the trick), it really is a gorgeous brush. I can see myself using it with bronzer to achieve a sharp and precise contour or with a loose setting powder all over to finish. The smaller fan brush would be good to dust away any fall out from eyeshadow around the eye.

This Angled Blush brush is the perfect size for day to day contouring the give the face a little more definition and highlight the natural shape and lines. I simply cannot wait to start using this in my make up routine!

All 24 brushes are fantastic and with negatives aside, I would really recommend them even before I've properly tried them! At £7.70 + £2.00 (P&P) = £9.70, these are a real steal at under £10! Mine arrived a little later than the estimated delivery date but this didn't bother me too much. However something to consider if buying for a birthday gift or similar.

You can find the listing by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like me to talk about any of the other brushes in more detail or review again once I've used them a few times, let me know in the comments below!

Have you bought and tried these brushes? Do you like finding great beauty buys on eBay?

See you in the next post!

Lucy ♥


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    1. Hi again Isobel!

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      I'll get posting right away!

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