Thursday, 1 August 2013

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Formula | Latest in Beauty - The Glamour Beauty Edit Box

Hello everyone!

This is my second review from the products I've been trying out from my Latest in Beauty - The Glamour Beauty Edit Box and unfortunately it's not a great one...

I have naturally very frizzy and wavy hair so I am always on the hunt for the next best frizz relieving serum.  This particular serum I had purchased in the full size a good few years ago and thought it produced pretty average results.  My hair wasn't as bad as if I'd left it totally alone, but it wasn't by any means frizz free.

So after many years have passed, I was eager to give this another try.  Things change so I was hoping that it would produce better results.  However I was very disappointed.

The product made my hair look very greasy immediately after blow drying it even though I had not applied it to the roots of my hair where I actually get the most frizz.  So not only was my just washed hair looking greasy and not clean but it also wasn't in the slightest frizz free.  I was so disappointed that I had to rewash my hair!!

The John Frieda Frizz-Ease range is definitely more affordable at £6.29 than those products in salons selling for well over £15 but in my opinion, this particular product it is not worth anything and you would be better off spending a bit more to receive results worth talking about, for example, Bed Head Small Talk is my new frizz saviour (review to come soon).

The only other Frizz-Ease product I have tried is the 3 day straight spray of which I can assure you does not make your hair stay straight for 3 days if you have hair like mine!  Apart from that I have never tried any of the other Frizz-Ease products so if you have, I'd be really interested to know how they worked for you and if it's worth trying them.

You can purchase this product from Boots by clicking here for £6.29.

See you in the next post!

L x

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