Thursday 23 July 2015

A Fresh New Design...

Once you have fallen in love with make up, there really is no going back. Even though my blog has been well and truly neglected for the past year and a bit, my love for the world of beauty has remained strong. My own writing and voice became somewhat silent but nevertheless I am still an avid reader and viewer.

In April 2015, I began my second year university exams and shortly after that I was off on holiday to Florida (where I spent a good 3 hours in Sephora with purchases amounting to an eye-watering total at the till). Then August came around and I began my one year placement in the events industry which took up a very unexpected level of my time and henceforth meant leaving my little space on the internet all alone.

But as it comes to end and I approach my final year of university in September, I hope to somewhat revive it with content and beauty ramblings. lucylovehart has had a bit of a make over so I hope you like the new design and there is plenty more to come!

So stay tuned...


  1. There's literally no going back, you get hooked forever.

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